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What makes ICanLocalize better?

HTML in - HTML out

You supply us an HTML website and receive a full HTML website back. Our system doesn't break your links, navigation or style sheets or causes any HTML problems.

The translators don't edit your source files. They don't even get them. Instead, the translators use our website editor to translate sentence-by-sentence. All formatting and structure is maintained exactly as you created.

Work with multiple translators

You can have a single website translated into several languages. Different languages can go to different translators. At the end, the system automatically merges their work, giving you one single multi-lingual website.

Incremental updates

When your website updates, you can translate just the new and modified texts. A new revision for the translated project will be created. The translators will only work on the updated or new sentences and you will only be charged for these sentences.

Lower costs

Neither you, nor the translators need to do any technical work. Text extraction and reconstruction is all fully automated. The result is significant saving - both in money spent and in time wasted.

You can find qualified translators to do the work at a fraction of the cost of going through a translation service.

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