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Managing website translation yourself - how it works

1) Extract texts from the website

Our Translation Assistant program scans your website. It runs from either HTML files on your PC or from the web.

If this is the first time your website is translated, all texts are extracted. Otherwise, only new or modified texts are marked for translation.

When the program counts words, repeated texts are automatically ignored. You only pay for work that the translator really needs to do.

2) Selecting a translator

Translators will bid on your work. You can communicate with different translators to highlight any special requirements that you may need. Frequent issues are:

When you're happy with a translator's bid, you can accept it. Only at this point, do you need to pay for the work.

We keep your payment in escrow. All funds are securely held and will only be released to the translator when you declare the work as completed.

3) Translation

The translator gets to work on your project. All the work is done in-context. This means that the translator doesn't need any help from you while he works.

4) The translated website is built

When the translation work is done, a fully translated version of your website is constructed. It includes the original-language pages as well as all translated pages.

You can choose to build the translated website in a variety of ways. For example:

The system even remembers any manual edits that you do on the translated website.. Any final fixes and modifications that you do on the translated pages will be recorded. Next time you update the website, these updates will be applied automatically to the translated pages.

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