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About Sisulizer

Sisulizer is a software localization tool optimized for .NET, Delphi, C/C++, Visual Basic, Java and many other platforms.

ICanLocalize has partnered with Sisulizer, to deliver quality and affordable translation for Sisulizer projects.

Meet the translators from ICanLocalize

ICanLocalize employs professional translators from around the world, writing in their native languages.

All the translators in our system are experienced professional translators, holding academic degrees in translation.

Our translators are dedicated and hard working. They translate software applications, websites and marketing materials for a living and will not rest until you're 100% satisfied.

How we translate Sisulizer projects

We've created a streamlined process that helps translate Sisulizer projects quickly and easily.

  1. Upload your Sisulizer .slp file. We'll scan it and calculate the word count for translation.
  2. Translators will apply for this job. You interview them and choose the ones you prefer.
  3. Deposit payment and the translators get to work.
  4. The completed translation is delivered to you. Then, you review it and release the payment.

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